Dear Plato, do better.

Day 4,395, 12:11 Published in USA USA by chickensguys

Dear Plato,
We need a strength catch up mechanic.

The Problem
The strength of the top player in eRepublik(Misho) is above 274,000. It would take a new player over 8 years of training with fully upgraded training grounds to get to that point. At which time this same top strength player would probably be above 500,000 strength. A new player can never catch up.

This makes it impossible for new players or even the old players that never hit that training button to be relevant. This policy drives new players away from the game since they are useless. We are killing our new player base. If new players want to be relevant, they literally have to buy an old account from another player; this is ridiculous. When this happens eRepublik doesn’t see a dime, so their own policies cost them money. Some people say fight in air rounds then, but there is no legend ranks in air and ground battles still make up most of the total battle points.

In fact, high strength Legend players are so powerful in ground battles, that MPPs are useless now. Victory in ground battles has become a question of who has the most high strength legend players and no amount of pack buying can make a new player compete.

This isn’t fair to anyone.

This is heartbreaking.

President of the eUnited States of America