Empress Day - Nominations (December)

Day 4,395, 06:39 Published in Japan Japan by Nanashi Senshi

Greetings citizens of eJapan and eWorld, another month, another Empress Day event😁

The nominations will last for 3 days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), so you have enough time to think about who to nominate.

But before you do that, be sure to check out the rules 😁

Special thanks to the event sponsor Dio Arachna.


1 - All citizens of eWorld have right to participate/nominate in this event regardless of their home country. You can nominate 1 (one) candidate for Empress.

2 - All nominees must be from an Anime Series (OVA/OAV, movies, ONA, tv series), a Japanese Video Game, or a Japanese Manga. Please no Hentai/Porn.

3 - All nominations must include a name of the character and the name of the media (series, movie, manga, game, etc) the nominated character appeared in.

4 - How To Nominate?
Just send me a PM.

5 - No previous elected Empresses can be nominated for a 2nd term. However, Royal Ambassadors, or previous runner-ups for empress can be re-nominated for a chance to be Empress. They can continue to be re-nominated indefinitely, regardless of how many times they have been elected Royal Ambassador unless they are elected Empress even once. Following that election, they are permanently disqualified from running.

6 - Empress Day Nominations will last for 3 days.

7 - The person who nominates the winning Empress will receive 6000 yen. The runner up will receive 4000 yen.

Already nominated candidates:
- Akatsuki from the anime Log Horizon, nominated by M.Safari.
- Bela from the anime BEM, nominated by Tenshiouji.
- Kaori Miyazono from the anime Your lie in April, nominated by chickensguys.
- Nezuko Kamado from the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, nominated by Pedro Rigramont Stradivarius I.
- Tamaki Kotatsu from the anime Fire Force, nominated by Zero Two.
- Yukari Yukino from the anime movie Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words), nominated by Ryuunen.
- Kuchiki Rukia from the anime Bleach, nominated by TheTrendoResurrected.
- Satou Matsuzaka from the anime Happy Sugar Life, nominated by Vadaskertbenvok.
- Katalina Alize from the anime Granblue Fantasy The Animation, nominated by Nanashi Senshi.

Empress wall:

November - Raphtalia from the anime Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari,