Global Perspective Endorses ChickenGuy: Fly With ChickenGuy

Day 4,394, 18:07 Published in USA USA by Acidify

Flying with ChickenGuy.

With the greatest esteem, the Global Perspectives endorses The ChickensGuys for President! Why do we endorse ChickensGuys? Because he is the come back kid -- the one and only to win with a slim margin -- stick and move -- and come out victoriously. President ChickensGuys is a charm for our nation, and it is reflected in his urge to help new users Grow and Prosper, and to fuel growth and development for our honorable nation.
So Global Perspective is Flying with ChickensGuys.

Global Perpective is honored to endorse President ChickensGuys because Chickens actually do fly. And when they do fly, they fly high.