[guide] 40,000 PP later and Now

Day 4,394, 17:12 Published in USA USA by Count del L Snowflake

Creating a guide for new players really should be a community effort, while some elements believe in a stagnant & predictable daily course for there thought of fun, others thrive on conflict and the discussion of change and some of these do not want change just the conversation, really boils down to VISA or not as to approaches, and the variations of those two, of which any thorough guide should include. I suggest using eRep-wiki, easy to access by all, controlled by none.

NO VISA - Gold and EB (energy bars) are the valuable assets.

Two Government programs run through national feed (?) - AARP(daily) which rewards citizens for fighting in Air battles (every 4th battle in a campaign), Tax refund (not daily) - both helpful getting established.

Purchasing Houses allowing extra energy storage (helpful making money when fighting for medals) and for each house purchased and extra work session per house. With current prices 2 lower level houses are affordable with a small profit at the end of the week. One house will actually earn more in a week sans the house. Marketplace to purchase, storage to activate.

Permanent Energy Centers 300 in gold for both (except for Black Friday 90^ discount)

Play for Events The saved energy bars will come in very handy

Military Units (MU) While having one's own can be fun, large active MUs are best for anew player, Daily Orders (DO) are kept current, 1 EB is the reward for completing DO.

Weekly Challenge = Prestige Points 10 energy spent in battle = 1 PP.
Main gain EBs and storage. 1k storage gained a week is easy, takes approximately 6k PP to gain 9k in storage (available each week). The tricky part is taking advantage of EPIC battles where PP are doubled (10 energy spent in battle = 2 PPs). During events, some battles are 3x PP, ergo my suggestion to play to events.

Came back on a whim, not remembering the holiday events, which really transform ones beginning, whether first or not. I have my energy centers, stocked up on food factories (Q123) and have gold reserves. Saw the bleakness past 40k PP. In future articles will expand on the limited guide laid out, troll and work on a fiction idea I have.