This is not right

Day 4,394, 14:09 Published in Albania Albania by DesertFox25

Hello Everyone,

I joined this game almost 2 weeks ago as a U.S citizen since i live there in real life. I then switched my citizenship to the Albanian Citizenship. However, now that i switched my citizenship, i am unable to sell anything because whenever i try to sell, it says that my ''citizenship country is at war with the country you're trying to sell'' which is the U.S. Mind you, I can only sell in the U.S even though I switched citizenship.. I try to hire people and i when i do, i have to pay at least 1,300+ ALL because nobody would want to work with any lower pay. I work and make 1,400 ALL... The Food and the Aircraft weapons i make, i cannot sell to make any profit. This game is unfair to new players because there is no way i can make any profit. I got donations twice but i want to make my own money and its very hard. In order for me to even try to sell in Albania or any other country, it says i have to buy a license and that costs 20 gold, which is quite a lot of gold when you think about it. I bought gold with my own real money in order to upgrade my training grounds during Black Friday but that's literaly the only way to do it, buy with real money...

Please let me know what you guys think about this... Is there any way to profit cc on your own ??? And how??