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Dear friends,

- Background -
eRepublik implemented Citizenship in 2009-10. As far as I know, those days any group of players could go to any country and start a new party and take over politically and destroy it. So developers came with the concept of citizenship. So that only specific people can be allowed to handle politics and administration of the country.

But what if some people who wants come back or wants join a country with good heart? There comes a concept of GRANTING citizenship. As per rules. an elected congressman of the country can approve citizenship requests by going into request page. But admins never thought of REVOKING any citizenship.

- Problem -
Now lets take an example of a congressman who got elected and GRANTS the citizenship to a really strong player who seems good for the country at the beginning. After few days the player goes rogue and starts to do anything he pleases ignoring what the country stands for.

In this case what the fellow countrymen can do as of now? NOTHING ! There's no way to remove such players from country and send them to their previous country citizenship.

- Solutions -
1. Similar to Granting citizenship, Congressmen could be allowed to go and revoke citizenship of already granted people by visiting same citizenship requests page. We can put limit of 1 REVOKE per month per congressman similar to what is there for GRANT citizenship as of now.

2. There could be a additional congress law which only president of the country (or any congressman) can propose, which gives list of maximum 1% to 3% of rogue players per month to revoke their citizenship, which requires 67% 'YES' to be passed (similar to impeachment law).

3. Players who have been newly accepted as citizens could be given a cool down time of 6 (or specific) months before they can be part of any political activities like creating a party, running for any post and/or voting in any elections.

4. These citizens whose citizenship has been revoked could then either be -
4.1 Grant them previous country citizenship
4.2 Make a new citizenship type as REFUGEE, which makes them citizen of no country and they can apply citizenship of any country except the one where they were kicked out in last 6 (or specific) months. After they get a new citizenship, the process mentioned in point 3 above could be applied.

- Summary -
This will make players in eRepublik think twice before going berserk as the Revoking citizenship means a total political blackout of specific months for them. This will greatly reduce the efforts of countries put into managing such players. Small countries will greatly help from this because currently any one strong player can turn things around them and they hardly can do anything to stop it. Except waiting for such players to leave the country.

- Most Important -
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