Keep Calm and Carry On!

Day 4,393, 23:29 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by wingfield


After a very busy month for all of us and a sterling performance by the Government, especially our CP, Sir Humphrey Appleby (Apples) and MoD Ulster’s Finest (Alfa), the time has come to continue their work in a new term.

I offer myself for election as your next Country President in a spirit of continuity with the work done this term. A very careful agreement has been reached with CODE and Andes, which it is the task for all of us to honour and maintain as best we can. Of course there are unpalatable features in the agreement but it was the best we could achieve in difficult circumstances.

There is an escape clause in our agreement that lets us ask for Northern Ireland at some stage. I only propose to exercise that clause if we find that the Irish have somehow nabbed the region from under our noses. It is not intended that we disrupt any plan by one of our other agreement partners to use Northern Ireland for either a training war or occupation for strategic purposes.

Moving forward, we will honour the agreement without submitting to bullying and abuse. We will be careful not to get in the way of the strategies of our agreement partners and we will do our best to work with them and not against them. This includes not fighting for the eUK when we ask you to hold fire and not fighting heavily against any of the countries in the CODE and Andes alliances.

We are often asked to participate in training wars with various friendly countries. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to agree to any of these at present other than those within the scope of the agreement with CODE and Andes.

We will continue our work to build the national MU and orders given to that unit will reflect Government policy and our agreement obligations. I will move across to the national MU to hold one of the leadership positions for the duration of my term.

It is important that we continue to develop our newer or less advanced players. The Minister for Education will be asked to look at tutorials to assist people to understand how to place their factories to the best advantage and develop them. I will also be proposing a form of award structure for ranking up in air power perhaps to Flight Lieutenant level. We are never really strong in air battles and this is something we need to improve.

Communication will be maintained through our various government entities. This will include threads with Cabinet and loyal Party Presidents, an MoD thread to major participating military units and the normal Congress thread, as well as articles in the national media from responsible officials and the CP. The Cabinet will continue to monitor the international media as was done quite profitably this month and the MoFA will post occasional articles with interesting elements of foreign news.

My Cabinet will be as follows, subject to last minute adjustments:

vCP – Sir Humphrey Appleby
MoD –Jiminy Christmas with help from Cabinet and the MU leadership [It’s a pity that our current MoD, Ulster’s Finest, is unavailable this month]
MoFA – Matt Scazza
MoE – Keithunder
Treasurer – Huey George

There are certain elements in our community that do not like to work with the rest of us in the national interest. There will be no negotiation with such people and no concessions made. Those who consider themselves unjustly included among this group will be judged on their records and future behaviour.

Much has changed in the last month. We have a strong community spirit again and have benefited from wise and effective leadership. If we continue to work together, new opportunities may open for us.

tlr - read the title - it says it all!