eUSA population - November 2019

Day 4,393, 07:28 Published in USA USA by Mister Y

Good morning America. I’m here to show up the variations of eUSA population in the last month of the game. The next graphic represents the active citizens of the eUSA in the month of November:

There were some ups and downs, but nothing big, considering the month of November only.
Total balance from 1st November (1269) to 30th November (1279) = +10 people.
Balance in % = practically 0% of variation in a month.

Top day: 7 November = 1289 people.
Low day: 26 November = 1266 people

November mean = 1277 active citizens.

To calm down some angry heads, I must say that, though there was a little increase of population in the beginning of the month, it was really too small to blame some resurrected multiaccounts of the result of the presidential elections. Indeed, there are even bigger variations of population also after the elections.

As I said before, if we look just November, it seems nothing has happened, but if we compare November with the previous months, we notice a big decrease of the mean population:

The average population of the month counts almost 30 people less than September and October, and it’s a big number.

Next graphic represents the percentage of Americans in the world :

In November eUSA citizens were around the 2.75% of the worldwide population, 0.05% less than October.

For comparison, I put here also the graphic of the full time I’m checking the population:

In September we had lost most of the people in beginning of the month. In October a significant decline was registered in the end of the month. November was regular.
November has ended with 31 players less than the mean of October, 38 players less than the beginning of October and 10 players more than the beginning of November.

I hope I can write next article for the end of December. For now, I wish you all Merry Christmas!