eRepublik Needs To Fix Strength

Day 4,393, 01:10 Published in Sweden Sweden by Angjelo123


For years now,a couple of players have been complaining about the severe problem eRepublik has,which also makes newer player demoralized and about to leave.Well for most of the people "Air" is the solution,but I personally think that it's just an "ignore button" towards the massive Strength problem the game has.I,an player since 2017 need 90 hits to be equal to 4 hits of an older player than me.As time goes by,I will hit millions too but older players will hit trillions and now that is not fair.

Proposed Ideas to Fix the Issue:
Maximum Strength Capacity->A 250k Strength Capacity is what I suggest,before trillions become easy as thousands.
Training Speed Difference->New players should have a big training multiplier that will last till 100k strength,when it reaches 100k it should get 0-d so they can continue their way to 200k as everyone else.It's basically a catch up mechanic!
The Game not Being so Dependent to Money->Everyone now is using money to a very big and enormous advantage against people who don't.Of course this will never stop but hey,I'm stating a solution here.
Strength becomes like Air->Seems reasonable and more realistic.Makes players to fight on battlefields and makes more active players come on top.
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