About the last couple of weeks

Day 4,391, 10:25 Published in Hungary Serbia by Voice of eHungary

Dear Allies and Friends,

We are more than allies. More than friends. We are a Family that stays together and remains strong. No matter what comes in the future, who is attacking, who is the one being attacked, we will keep fighting side by side for each other.

As the previous days showed, we stood as one fighting against Asteria and won. It may look like a simple victory but for us, it wasn't easy. Victory was achieved not only through sleepless nights and a good strategy but also by punching hard. We took some punches in return, but in the end, we managed to get up, hit back and did a Rocky showdown.
To Turkey, Croatia, Argentina, Brasil, Cyprus, Slovenia and all the other countries who helped us one way or another, we only have one thing to say: Thank you! Thank you for being here when we needed you the most, thank you for sacrificing so much for us, but before all, thank you for being our Family!

Let this be a warning to all our enemies. We stand strong, we stand together and we will never back down. We fought for each other, we fight for each other, and we will keep fighting side by side. Our enemies should think twice before picking any of us. We are CODE. We are a FAMILY.

Thank you, everyone, once again for being part of this wonder!


Citizens of eHungary