Day 4,389, 13:03 Published in USA USA by flolyon

Many of you surely did their first article to complete the mission "Junior Journalist". Well it's exactly the same for me...
I resisted during years but i'm definitly tired of seeing that list of missions to do in the left corner of Erep.
Now is the big challenge, i know that article won't be interesting as i really have nothing to say, but it says i need 25 comments.

So i'm in front of that white page wondering what i can say that may interest someone...and i have NO IDEA.
So maybe those who will comment can give me some advice to make that newspaper more interesting, maybe you are interested in some things?
But if so, please, something easy to write, I'm French (from Lyon) and English is not my mother tongue.

A big thank you to everyone that will comment under that first article !