Tea with Titans, Prince of Austria

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Well hello there, Sethesin here. Welcome to another Tea with Titans, an occasional rare feature here on the Skald, where I endeavor to interview the movers, the shakers, the warlords and money makers right here on eRepublik!

In this ninth issue of Tea with Titans I will be interviewing a Soldier of Austria, Szeklers, Czechoslovakia and Slovenia. Leader of the Nebula Alliance and President of Austria. He's the Party President of the Austrian Communist Party, Commander of the Army of The Horny Princess M.U, Press Director of the Media Mogul Medal awarded Austria Journal and former Councillor of the eComintern.
It's none other than the one, the only..

Prince of Austria

So without futher ado, here's the interview

The Skald : Why do you play eRepublik?

Prince of Austria : First of all hello and thanks for the interview. It’s only the first question and it’s already getting hard to answer. Why do I play eRepublik? I really don't know to be honest, it turned into a habit some years ago. Honestly it’s probably because of all the people I've met here, I still hangout with them almost every day. It’s probably the only good thing that came out from this game really.

The Skald : It's the 12th Anniversary of eRepublik. As an experienced player, what changes do you think have have been the most positive?

Prince of Austria : Yes I've witnessed some changes in eRepublik, but good ones? Hmm, if I really have to answer the question I'd say adding aircraft mode and the ranks coming along with them. People could start fresh and compete with the big sharks (although the big sharks had stocks and stocks of Energy Bars and other stuff so they quickly ranked up).

The Skald : Same question in reverse. What changes have had the worst impact on the game?

Prince of Austria : Worst thing? Removing C.O (Combat Orders) I guess, people used to make quite some money there. It was also good for controlling the walls in the training wars.

The Skald : Being a Minister of a Nation for a term can be draining but being the principal leader of Austria for so many terms must have been exhausting. Can you share your thoughts on what is required to stay on top in ePolitics?

Prince of Austria : Being a politician can be really exhausting, that's true. It's time-consuming and difficult at times but also very fun. A president without the cabinet members can't do anything. That's why I always have my ministers around me who help me out in doing my duty. About being president so many times I'd say people really trust me, although I've seen people with way more terms served. The president is only one yes, but he can't lead the country alone so.. It doesn't really matter who got the medal as long as we work together towards achieving the common goal.

The Skald : The Nebula Alliance has recently grown with eSwitzerland rejoining. As Alliance Leader, how would you describe the alliance and how it came to be?

Prince of Austria : Yes welcome back Switzerland. Nebula was formed in 2015 as a pro-Asterian alliance. Pro back then meant all those small countries that couldn't really change anything in battles couldn't be in the same alliance as the big sharks. So they made smaller alliances and fought around with the big boys. But back then alliances actually worked, and those were the last true alliances, not mentioning EDEN and ONE and their battles. Alliances exist now as well but according to me it will never be the same again. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking ??

The Skald : Not only are you a steadfast leader of both Austria and Nebula, you're also a heavyweight in left wing ePolitics. To the casual player, what was the eComintern?

Prince of Austria : I was a Councillor to the “now dead” leftist organization called eComintern. Although it had many other names too, because communists and socialists couldn’t come to a reasonable conclusion. It was a political organization that didn’t involve any alliances and worked really good with both sides. (ONE & EDEN back then) It didn’t matter which country is in which alliance at all. The goal was to help new players by inviting them in the leftists political parties in-game and helping them grow by refunding them weekly supplies that they’ve earned. My personal opinion is that the eComintern died out not because of the lack of players or activity but because many people fought for the top position, there was no more cooperation between countries and because the in-game module of the game itself couldn’t really reach out for more opportunities.

The Skald : eRepublik's Wiki is a wild, multi-leveled library of both past and present, from pages about short lived PP's to events that shook the game to it's core, such as the 2011 Rebellion. With a daunting 12 years of history to pour through, what advice would you give players who are just starting out as contributors, such as myself?

Prince of Austria : Working on the eRepublik's Wiki is really fun, and easy too because there are templates of every page so you just fill up the blanks. New players can learn a lot from the Wiki but also get neat rewards if they choose to help out. As an editor myself I must say its really fun when you make a new page for someone, you ask him questions and investigate from old articles.

The Skald : eRepublik is 12 years old and the game is still going strong. Is there any new players, M.U's, Press etc. that you find interesting?

Prince of Austria : Yeah 12 years is a long time. Time really flies when you’re.. Not having.. Fun erm. I don’t believe there are new players coming here but if there are any, I’d like to know what they were thinking/drinking? Newspapers lost their meaning years ago but I still enjoy reading some articles, I like your journals, warfare analysis articles and just people writing about the past. We all agree it was more interesting back then. I myself like to write an article or two per month. Just blabbering about how things were in the golden days.

The Skald : If you could run eRepublik for a month, what changes would you make?

Prince of Austria : I don’t need a month for that. A day would suffice. Turning off the lights sounds like a good idea. No new changes would change that fact that the management has dried out from new ideas. We are still waiting for the Q6 houses though, I have faith.

The Skald : Nebula now has three nations with natural borders and the ever robust Belarus to the North. As Alliance Leader, what can we expect in the future?

Prince of Austria : Cooperation is the key to any success. Helping each other is still the main priority but also having fun. Common hits are going to be brought back in the future. It was once the most fun thing to do when IRC still existed. We will continue to have good relations with anyone that treats us the same way.

The Skald : What would you like from the bar?

Prince of Austria : A tea?

Another Tea with Titans, another look into the grizzly brains of the best and brightest in this little horror-show we call eRepublik! I'd like to thank Prince of Austria for sharing his opinions and thoughts on the game and as an eSwiss player I would like to express my optimism and enthusiasm as eSwitzerland rejoins the Nebula Alliance.

Well it looks like that's all we have time for! Thank's again to my guest, the venerable Prince of Austria for his time, candour and honesty. A true gentleman if ever I met one.

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Thank you for reading!