12th Anniversary Editions - Tips on queue

Day 4,384, 06:07 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

From an old online player that used to play a game like the current mini-game.

a few tips

1. Complete and queue the whole time. For example. You have 3 nodes selected on the treeview. if one is unlocked this means you can add again to the 3rd slot.

2. Queue long nodes whilst you sleep. Currently, my current queue ends around 1 o clock tomorrow. I have 2 quick nodes of 2 hours each in positions 1 and 2. Their child nodes are both 4 hours. So in 4 hours, I will queue them both in slots 2 and 3. So that when I wake up I can queue the next 2 nodes.

4. Ponta Delgada (I think Portugal on the continent of Spain) + 120 permanent yes you heard right permanent energy center. Thx Plato. That is by luck the 8-hour node I will be unlocking by 1 tomorrow.

5. Short Medium Long... open and note times on each node available to you and then queue the shortest ones first during your normal day then medium ones and try and postpone long 8-hour ones for the evening.

6. Take note of your energy . It seems you get energy in the queue by working training and fighting. So spend as much of your energy.

7. Use money carefully. You can unlock immediately. Today I will be unlocking 7 nodes. More nodes will open up for me. But as a good measure, I would say one needs to unlock 10 nodes a day. This later one might require money so don't waste money at the start. Perhaps you wont need it.

8. Chose and plan the correct path for example in the USA I will land in Tallahassee(24 Aim stringers) -> Saint Paul (60 threats) -> Cheyenne ( +100% Energy pool and Energy recovery bonuses from houses for 4 days
-> Edmonton (5 x 100% damage boosters for 2 hours) then take a 2 way split \->Juneau (+12 energy recovery for 12 days) and Yellowstone -> Whitehorse(40 Gold)The rest of the stuff in the USA aint as important for me

9. Travel alot in the normal game. this also add to the queue.
And finally, have fun. i was a queue master in a previous game and was always working somewhere on the map.

Also was not a fighter there but a fly in some's ointment like the one time another player placed a 1 million bounty on my head and all of the other players were chasing me around the map for days whilst i was trying to dodge them.