[SFPOM] Congress Call and Election Results

Day 4,383, 05:54 Published in USA USA by Dillon Richards

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SFP Congress Call

It's that time of the month again - time for Congress Call! If you are interested in running for Congress as a member of The Socialist Freedom Party, you will need to declare in-game via the Party Page as well as on our forum to participate in the primary process where we decide the order of our Congress list. And be sure to do it soon! The deadline is fast approaching!

If you have any difficulty getting onto our forums, please let any of our Party leadership know and we'll assist you as quickly as possible.

eUSA PP Election Results

The Socialist Freedom Party would like to extend congratulations and well wishes to all who won their races for Party President. We're looking forward to a fun and productive month! Results for the Top 5 Parties are listed below:

Socialist Freedom Party:


We The People:

Constitution Party:

Black Sheep Party:

It sure is good to be back at the old desk 😉

-Dillon Richards
Spokesperson, SFP