Slow News Day 007

Day 4,382, 15:12 Published in Canada Canada by Thedillpickl

Hi kids!

OK, here's the deal.

Chuck Berry recorded Johnny B. Goode in '58. With the exception of the rendition played in the movie Back to the Future (perhaps because of the irony) I have little regard for the many covers of the original. HOWEVER I've stumbled upon one that has changed my mind. I don't know if Mr. Berry would agree but I'm thinking he could have.

George Thorogood is not a "studio" artist. The Delaware Destroyers are a bar band. There are guitarist who astound with technical precision. Some with super human expression. Some are just LOUD. (lol) But George Thorogood is, in my opinion, the best roadhouse player ever recorded.

Just when you think he can't do anymore he does just that.

Here's the link:

Open Air Festival
auf der Loreley