Like everything else in life

Day 4,382, 12:29 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by Mithrantir

Hello All,

after almost 8 years is time to say goodbye.

Where to begin and where to end this article really... I started the game and joined Spartiates. Dihenekis treated everyone like a family. An amazing family really with Va.da, Dennis, Igisistratos, dogtooth and the rest. As Greece we had a hell of fights with great opponents, winning and losing. Still remember my first tanking in Crete for liberation alongside Earentir the Myrmidons and the rest. Who can forget the long nights fighting alongside all the great players like Exohoritis, Van der Waal, F@nis, Iaswn and so many other players that I am really sorry not mentioning.

I will never forget the love I got from Argentina during those tough times when we fought night and day to free the core regions. And after long fights a chapter closed and a new one started.

My move to Cyprus. A small community that accepted me and we wrote some of the greatest victories this game ever saw. Who can forget the liberation of Turkey from Serbia, who can forget the Victory over Poland and Hungary and so many other great battles.

Who can forget the great TATATATATATATAs and the suicide missions we took for allies. Never had a second thought. We were needed? we showed up.

Regardless what others say I believe Cyprus is the biggest surprise this game ever had.

A small, crazy community that works as one regardless the differences. A community that has so many different nationalities all under the same flag. Cyprus is a great example of fun and determination.

But as the title says like everything in life this chapter for me came to an end.

With this article I would like to thank every single one of you, friend and opponent, since we shared this amazing ride. During these 8 years I tried to play the game leaving aside hostilities and bad behaviour. Regardless who was against me, I tried to act with respect. After all we are all humans and there should be nothing that important or serious to make us have a real fight in a game.

If I ever insulted anyone or made him feel bad I want to apologise with this article too. As mentioned above that was not intentional.

Today's battle was a good excuse for me to have one last tanking and enjoy what this game offers 🙂 and I did. it was a company for 8 years after all.

I could keep going and write pages and pages but that's it.

I hope you all the best and take care of each other 🙂

My account will stay active but do not expect me to answer your messages 🙂

I am leaving the way I came. A player and I hope a virtual friend and an honourable opponent🙂

A proud Cypriot,
Stavros, Mithrantir