All you want to know about B12 anniversary

Day 4,382, 06:45 Published in Israel Serbia by Vlad Gordin

Article that summarize all links and info

Ponta Delgada (Azores)
Permanent 120hp energy center

What I feel about it

3x 4x20% Air Damage Booster for 10 minutes
6x 40xCruise Missiles
5x 5x100% Damage Booster for 2h
6x 20xEnergy Bars
11x +12 Energy recovery for 12 days
240 Energy Center Polokwane
300 Energy Center Cagliari
360 Energy Center Melbourne
540 Energy Center Neuquen
8x 40 gold
3x 4x100% house boosters
Small Bombs
5x damage accelerator 10 mins
4x 12th Bomb
40x Treats