[MoD] The Green Beret - Week 39

Day 4,382, 05:10 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Citizens of the Netherlands,

This week I would like to introduce you to new MoD sheet i was doing lately. For you it would be just new colors, also it will be always sorted by damage. For MoD Team - current and future - it will take a lot less work to count it every week.
Soon, it will also be done in Flying Dutchman if you like it.
Enjoy !

To summarize the rules
1. Each week there will be a payment based on the formula of 100 million damage = 250 cc (or equivalent amount in Q7). The given reward is either in cc or Q7 and differs by the week (up to change provided we can improve our Q7 production).

2. Dutch soldiers achieving at least 500 000 000 million ground damage a week will be eligible and can claim payment in either Q7 Tanks OR CC (depending on the week) by commenting below this article.

3. Those that achieved Legend-rank will be capped at 5 billion damage a week.

4. For each achieved Titan rank, there will be a bonus of 150 Q7 Tanks. For each achieved Legend rank, there will be a bonus of 100 Q7 Tanks. For the first Legend Rank there will be a bonus of 250 Q7 Tanks.

5. Rewards for ranking up are only given provided that you have been eligible for Green Beret subsidy at least once in the past.

This week, 13!! players managed to make enough damage on the ground and can therefore claim the following rewards within the comment section of this article:

I would like to congratulate 911mic on his first LEGEND RANK and winning 250q7 weapons as prize !
Also europecrisseswar reached Titan** rank and won 150q7 !


Van Der Kaczy,
Minister of Defence