[PoA] Another one bites the dust

Day 4,381, 13:03 Published in Austria Austria by Prince of Austria

Hello ladies,

I got up today, the sun was shining, the dogs were barking and I thought this is gonna be a great day. And everything was going smoothly until I saw something very sad. smee couldn't handle the great game and all of its new features that keep the players active. He took the destiny in his own hands, and did what needed done. He survived.

Although its sad for me to see a longtime friend go, I have to be happy for him. He chose the best way to end his journey here. Lets hope he is not coming back. If he does, he still owes me 200 Q7 tanks (yeah I still remember that).

Farewell my troll friend, enjoy life and may lady luck always follow you in your real life journeys. Last joke's on you!

Prince of Austria, barefoot joker.