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Day 4,381, 11:21 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by goLdeNReborn

Haven't had a feeling to write something in a very long time, but maybe the fact I want the MM medal shining on my profile is doing it's thing..

Monday, a cloudy one. Exam, a terrible one. After sleeping the 2/3rds of the day I'm back on the track.. or not. 500 messages combined are waiting to be read while I'm rushing my way back to the university after oversleeping half of the class. Opened my major coordination channel and something is wrong. In fact, everything is wrong. Let's not get into details, but the feeling sux. There is also a thing about France, an article of some kind. I wanted to write an article on this topic long time ago but didn't actually had the time, so let's start with it.

Since the idea of creating the alliance Hydra with iPSiArt, maybe seconds before Macedonia officially joins Asteria, we decided that we are gonna be our own alliance, set our own rules, chat, newspaper. We decided that the only thing connecting us with Asteria will be our common enemy, back then not yet formed CODE. We discussed everything and even though we knew we are not gonna be an instant super power, we agreed that we gonna base the alliance on countries ready to give their all for the hurt ones. After the first combined operation with Asteria, the outcome was as expected(?). We all knew we gonna lose the war but we didn't know how bad. Truth is, we lost, and we lost very bad.

While facing a situation of that kind for the first time after many years, Asteria was shocked and didn't know how to react. I would say maybe lack of interest and activity were the reasons for such a critic failure of Asteria. The mutual coordination was going hard and slow. Asteria looked like a completely amateur alliance that is currently living it's first days.

Meanwhile, in Hydra we had a wiped France by all of CODE countries, and we had to face the reality that it's impossible to gain freedom by fighting, because they are way stronger. We had to find a way and our way was to find a safe spot for France and put pressure on countries that are present on their soil. I refused to let France go and risked the last few colonies of my country that were left to try and save them. We gave our(?) spot in Latvia for France, so they can have a safety spot and we started planning on the channels. After sending a few Airstrikes, France decided that the only way is NAP because Asteria doesn't or can't find a way to help. After the NAP what followed was a complete wipe of Asteria countries and Macedonia as part of Hydra with it.

We accepted the fact that we shall wait the raise of determination to gain freedom, and also the return of the army. I was against French or any NAP, I said even back then, but you believed in it as a good way to recover from the war and be more useful in the times that come after the NAP, so I had to let go. What we had left now was wiped Macedonia, French NAP, empty Lithuania and Latvia that needed time to recover. Luckily, or not, we had a chance to open a RW and give a push against Chile(?).

On the article you wrote about leaving Hydra you blamed me for the passivity?
I was the only one trying to find a way to help France before the NAP, together with Rems and Bla. You were not even involved in any of the discussion cuz of lack of interest(?).
Macedonia has no representative on the chat?
I did quit the chat cuz I wanted to take a break from the game. But Macedonia is just 1 out of 4 countries in Hydra, and I was still there privately if you needed me. As far as my memory serves me, you asked around 0 times to help us in any of the RWs.

So dear Ali, who is the one to blame? You didn't care about the alliance at all. You were even criticizing Bla's attempt to make a Hydra MU.

You said the alliance was failure, but I ask if you mean your attempt to understand the alliance was a failure? Or you were wearing a CODE mask all the time you were present with us on the chat? Or you believe in a perfect alliance? Don't know what's going on in your head, but I ask you to make your thoughts clear.

The war with UA was pushed by Asteria? That speaks a lot about the way your Ministry of Foreign Affairs works atm.
You want to be Asteria, but you give CODE 4 tws, you attack Spain in the same time with CODE and you even give Croatia a path from your cores to attack Spain and enter their cores. That's not how friends act.

"CODE is showing great solidarity" Do I even need to discus on this topic? YOU were the ones under a threat to be wiped if you help Asteria. Netherlands, Spain, India, Cuba, Portugal. How many more were/ARE under a threat to be wiped if they join the war? I think you need to open French grammar and read what solidarity is, and then find the adequate word for "threatening smaller countries if they help their friends in need."

I do agree with one thing mentioned in your article: Neutrality doesn't exist in this game. Neutrality doesn't exist in anything in life. You either want something, or don't. France should choose it's path, but from the inside. The fact you didn't discuss the departure of France in the Alliance chat, and how Chilean media openly says "The French departure of Hydra was supported by our people" speaks a lot by how that decision was made. You disrespected the alliance, but most importantly you disrespected your own people, by having foreigners decide their future. That's not how great leaders act, that's how leaders with limited vision and prosperity act.

Quid Agis Asteria?

Over the past 7 months the alliance is dead or barely moving. What seemed to be a sign of life last month, turned into a withering of the newborn leafs on the years old tree. It's a surprise how one of the greatest alliances and most durable alliance works internally. If this was the case in the last 7 years I wonder how terrible was the opponent? Reducing the number of members, plus having a second supportive alliance Hydra was supposed to help clean the internal mess, but it seemed to have done the opposite. The alliance has barely active HQ and the members follow almost no orders while giving no solutions or any new ideas?

The solution for this case is really simple. One is to disband and declare yourself a looser, and the other one is waking up and reforming your old habits and finally evolve. I'm very frustrated at the lack of activity and I demand an urgent meeting to decide your own future, or we can all stop hoping and accept the long term wipe until the server dies or enemy gets bored.

I ask from the people of the countries of Asteria/ Hydra to support their leaders because none of the decision was made by themself alone. It was a decision made in the alliance together. If it was wrong, we recognize it and we learn from it, nothing comes over a night so it will take time. By flaming and disturbing them you take away from their time that is supposed to be spent on planning and coordination. We all know we are in hard times and changing the current flow of the things will be hard and will take time, so be patient and follow orders. We will harvest what we plant.

A word or two for the so called fake neutrals. Fake, cuz neutrality doesn't exist and we all have some believes. In this game and life everything changes - what is great today will be ruins tomorrow. I ask from you to leave any propaganda from any side and look into your past. It's a war game, sooner or later you will find yourself in a need of help, will you have anyone to ask help from?

I probably missed something but I will make sure to write it down and comment it in the next article. Not sure if I will answer the comments cuz I wrote more than enough, but I will surely read all.

Hope you have a good evening,