Egypt Almost Fully Liberated

Day 4,380, 21:46 Published in USA USA by Acidify

In the last two weeks, Egypt has been able to take back several of its regions, pushing Cyprus and Argentinian forces out of their capital of Cairo, and cutting Cyprus's hold on Egypt down to one territory.

The Egyptian offensive began two weeks ago, and region after region fell. One great part of it's Egypt'd ally, Brazil, who is currently at war with Argentina and her global allies. As of now, war is raging in the capital of Argentina, with Brazilian forces hot on Argentina's tail. The offensive by Brazil, with came as a shock and surprise to Argentinian officials, forced Argentina to abandon it's efforts in Egypt, which it sought to maintain control of resource-rich land.

With Brazilian's offensive, and their coordination with Egypt, Argentina's imperial ambitions in Egypt has come to a halt. Argentina's imperial designs on Peru may also be threatened, with Peru working closely with Brazil to capture the capital -- and seat of power -- of Argentina, and then make further incursions into the country.