[TIHCE] Legend of The Sleeping Lady

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Legend of The Sleeping Lady
The Doi Nang Non Mountain


One of the legends goes that in ancient times a beautiful princess fell in love with a stable boy and became pregnant. Knowing their love was forbidden, they fled and went in the cave to rest. When the boy went in search of food, he was caught by the princess' father's army and killed. The distraught princess stabbed herself to death and the legend says her blood became the water that flows through the cave, while her body is the surrounding mountains, said to look like a sleeping woman.


Una delle leggende narra che nei tempi antichi una bella Principessa si innamorò di un garzone di stalla e rimase incinta. Sapendo che il loro amore era proibito, fuggirono e andarono in una caverna per riposare. Quando il ragazzo andò in cerca di cibo, fu catturato dall'esercito del padre della Principessa e venne ucciso. La Principessa sconvolta si accoltellò a morte e la leggenda dice che il suo sangue divenne l'acqua che scorre attraverso la grotta, mentre il suo corpo diventò la montagna circostante che assomiglia appunto ad una donna addormentata.


The Sleeping Woman, sometimes also Sriparna kar, is a name or nickname for certain mountain formations located in different places in the world that are said to look like a reclining or deceased woman in the local tradition.

Ranges by the name of "The Sleeping Lady"

Western United States (in all three cases, the nickname is associated with an apocryphal Native American legend of "The Sleeping Lady"):
Mount Susitna, near Anchorage, Alaska
Mount Timpanogos, near Provo, Utah [1]
Mount Tamalpais, near San Francisco, California.
Algeria: Mount Chenoua, according to local tradition the mountain range looks like a reclining pregnant woman.[2]
Cambodia: Phnom Kong Rei.[3]
Sleeping Beauty Range (睡美人山) near Kunming.[4]
Sleeping Beauty, Danxia near Shaoguan city.[5]
Martinique: Morne Larcher (Larcher Hill) called " la femme couchée" (the sleeping woman) is located in Diamant, Martinique.
Mexico: Iztaccíhuatl
Norway: Den Sovende Dronning (The Sleeping Queen), also known as Skjomtind, a mountain range near Narvik, Norway.
Philippines: Sleeping Beauty, mountain in Kalinga province, northern Philippines.
Doi Nang Non in the Daen Lao Range, northern Thailand.
Khao Nang Non in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, southern Thailand.
Pakistan: Kohat valley mountain. A Mountain called 'Sleeping Beauty' is also located in Quetta, Pakistan.
Panama, La India Dormida (The Sleeping Indian Woman) in El Valle de Anton.
Leonidio, in Arcadia, Peloponnese Greece.
Chile, in the Andes, Valle del Maipo Chile.

Similarly named mountains

La Noyée (drowned lady). A mountain range seen from Notre-Dame-des-Monts, Quebec. Local legend says the mountains are the silhouette of a Native American woman who drowned while swimming across Lac Nairne to meet her lover.
La Mujer Muerta (the dead woman). A mountain range located in the Sistema Central, Spain. Highest point La Pinareja, 2197 m.
Turó de la Dona Morta (Dead Woman hill), a mountain near Maçanet de la Selva, Catalonia, Spain
Jebel Musa (Morocco) the mountain is also known as The Dead Woman (Spanish: la Mujer Muerta), because from the direction of Ceuta, around the town of Benzú, it resembles a woman on her back.[6]
The Virgin Gorda; Spanish for the fat virgin, as the island looks like an overweight woman lying on her side.