[CP] Glorious defeat / Peace in our time

Day 4,379, 04:25 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

All participants in the campaign receive the ‘Washington (is) Cross’ award...

My fellow aPelicans o7,

There are a few people to thank for letting us have the most ‘fun’ we’ve had in a while. Several month permawipes can be rather tedious affairs; thus I think it’s fair to thank chickensguys first for giving us the excuse to (try and) visit him in DC…

It was rather entertaining watching the domestic fallout from the attempt to make London his 51st state. But to his credit - he stayed up to anticipate our return troll and Americans of all factions duly banded together to defend their capital from another 1812. Well fought gents!

After a mutually tipsy conversation in the aftermath we departed on good terms with no hard feelings; honour satisfied in what seemed like a respected fight for once.

In particular I’d like to shoutout to Ariakis who played well as the immovable object to Alfa’s unstoppable force…

In the end Chile taking London effectively deleted the campaign before the Americans could strike the finishing blow. But as a plus we’ve reset the determination in that region as per the US cabinet’s original intentions!

True to their word chickens has not torpedoed the simultaneous peace talks that were ongoing with their alliance during the campaign. You can find the initial proposal in the general thread.

That CODE more or less stayed out of DC and let us brawl it out 'motherwell rules' style we salute - so if we can try not to be overly malicious as we discuss their offer please... If rejected we can go back to being annoying sods, no fear

Otherwise keep an eye on your threads gents - I’ll give them our answer when it seems to have a clear consensus. Ergo: please read and comment on it now rather than complain in a week/month/(year in some cases!)


Ulster's Finest - 33.7B
Piran - 12.9B
JiminyChristmas - 8.1B
Paul Tyndale - 3B
Huey George - 2.4B
FragUK - 1.4B
Hollenboer - 922M
Mr Knee - 597M
Septuagenarian - 284M
Wingfield - 239M
Rodney Mckay - 211M
Stilton - 187M
Harveytailbanger - 185M
Director9 - 177M
UserIDHidden - 131M
Taulen - 126M
Smiler22 - 125M
ChemicalChaos - 120M
GregoryG - 102M
Mad Pauly - 97M
Virtuoso John Petrucci - 87M
Hakan the Navigator - 76M
Helder Medeiros V2 - 68M
Appleby the Useless - 61M
Bay Jee - 51M
Pannonian Nomad - 46M
Ikkki - 34M
Certacito - 27M
Kurdika - 25M
Bucketman - 22M
Norris Bush - 22M
Loki. - 21M
Eyad27 - 20M
Thomas765 - 19M
Harry Irene - 17M
Blue Shield - 13M
Keithunder - 12M
Arash90 - 12M
Georgelakeland - 11M
Dr Druid - 11M
Zordacz - 11M
AldoRayne - 10M
Qj1pingvinski1anger1managem.... - 10M
Dominig - 10M
Neil Lewis - 8M
brouvi - 7M
SH.Mohsen - 7M
Boyde - 7M
6ileto - 7M

...and the others outside the top 50 o7

Well fought lads

'Let's hope to God it works this time...'