Does every trip have a purpose?

Day 4,378, 13:51 Published in Israel Israel by Michael II Augustus

Does every trip have a purpose? In the modern world, we strive for a goal all our lives. That's how we were programmed. The school made us believe that our goal should be the best grades. Work that promotions and sales goals are the most important. A generation of our parents convinced us that studies are the most important, because they provide us with a better future. There is a paradox that we have thousands of management masters who have no one to manage. All our lives we focus on achieving a goal and we live in the future, just to Friday, to holidays, to the end of the year, to retirement. What if the goal is not the most important thing but the path itself?

There are also goals in this game. Goals that I wanted to achieve, goals I was striving for. First: the Congress, then member of the government and finally the presidency; first, second... The goals changed just after achieving one. Only after some time did I realize that it meant nothing; the goal itself is nothing at all. After a while, only a medal remains in the display case. And you stay with it, alone.

Because it's not the goal that gave me pleasure in this game. What gave me the greatest pleasure is the path I was on in fact. And I wasn't alone on it. I met great people here with whom I could exchange opinions, discuss long hours, cooperate for the common good, make jokes, and have a good time. This game is in fact the people who create it.

This game had potential. The human potential, which the creators of game have not used.
After a while I realized that by saying goodbye to some players, I am saying goodbye to them forever. More and more disappearing people, more and more disappearing conversations. There is only a handful of people left. Myself included.

How to describe a person who has become so used to action that he repeats it all the time and can't be done with it forever? It's some kind of perversion, some kind of addiction. Or hope? The hope that something will change, the hope that those who have gone will return? Hope dies last, people say.

But how to hope if you can't see any moves from the mods.

Do you, the last living people, have a hope something is going to change? What is it that keeps you playing?