Fed. Dep. of Education (15/11/19)

Day 4,377, 17:13 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Education

Hey there, Sethesin here. Minister of Education, here, there and everywhere, this November. As MoE, our president tef1 has appointed me to help eSwiss new citizens. Not only new eSwiss immigrants, but brand spanking new eSwiss players.

A sidebar; try invite a friend/college/catfishee to play for eSwitzerland! Worth a shot right?

I have my own guide in regards to starting out in this game if you're starting out and looking for guidance.

Seth's Beginner's Guide

But that's just my take, the venerable Rican set up a whole competition in the area of getting started.

Rican's Beginner's Guide Competition

eSwitzerland follows a federal constitution, to protect and maintain our values.

Our Constitution

As the Minister of Education my goals are to re-invigorate our national dialogue, particularly new players who may be lurking and looking for a way to find their voice.

We have a national non-partisan Discord, it's been on the cob-webby side as of late but I hope to encourage players to join. If you're are unfamiliar with Discord, it's basically a messenger service for gamers. It's very useful for eRepublik.

Here's a link to the eSwiss Discord : https://discord.gg/VYGx2mh

If the link is dead, send me a message.

Here's a run down of the top five Political Parties here in eSwitzerland.

Swiss Freedom Party - Center-left, Libertarian

Swiss Social Democratic Party - Center-right, Libertarian

The Lugangeles Libertarian - Center, Libertarian

Alliance Royale Suisse - Center-right, Libertarian

Ad Hoc Party - Center, Anarchist

Finally, the Swiss Guard is recruiting and supplying! Contact Swiss Guard Commanders, 2nd Commanders and Captains for more information.

Join this venerable and storied military unit founded way back in Day 1,286!

The Swiss Guard

Well, that's it from me, for now... Final note, if you're a writer, artist, musician, graphic designer etc. Get in touch! We want to hold an eSwiss Art Competition, THE Art Competition for the Christmas/Holiday/Kwanzaa season!

Minister of Education,