My first eYear on eRepublik :)

Day 4,377, 14:06 Published in Croatia Croatia by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,

Yesterday, 13.11.2019 D4376, was my first eRepublik birthday 🙂 

Op, op, opa :rabbitdance: & wooohooo!

In this eYear that passed many nice people got to my eLife, but also RL. I met people who I would probably never meet otherwise, and seen places, heard stories, had fun on meetings, had fun ingame.. read many interesting articles, learned new things, laughed at many comments and shouts, spent so much time on Telegram and had a lot of fun and laughs there as well 🤗 

(atm I'm less active there due to RL stuff, but all can contact me over ingame PM if anything needed!)

I learned a lot, about the game but also about human nature.. In start everything was new to me (as eRep is first, only one, and the last online game I play 😃 ), and step by step I discovered many interesting parts of the game. I want to thank all of you that helped me in that process with your advices, food, cc, gold, tickets, ideas or just with some joke or ytb link which would add one more smile to my day 🙂

All I have, earn, make or get, I share.. all I learned, I share.. this is my way to say "Thank you" to all that were and are here to help me when needed 🤗

Most precious advice I got was so simple, but given to me in the moment when I just started, and felt I can't help my community on the battlefield, and almost gave up..

Each dmg counts!

And I repeated that advice so many times to others, and also lived it.. you know that adrenaline, when in the right moment your dmg is exactly what is needed to turn the wall.. it still feels the same for me, each time I find myself alone on the battlefield and this happens 🙂

And even more than that I enjoy when we fight together.. when we find ourselves between the clouds and do some air tanking 😃 and the result at the end is not so important at that moment, I just enjoy seeing familiar nicks flying next to my little paper plane 🤗
All together! (As this is the only way, no account is an island 🙂 )

One of dear eSelfies from my collection:

I remember times when I finished few first missions, got my first decoration.. and first medals.. when I was first time included in government, Congress, when I discovered Laws page, World map.. drawing who set which law and thinking what would I do, browsing through eRep wiki pages to learn more, asked so many questions. And I remember that day when I became a part of this crazy social experiment, 13.11.2018, so I could read old articles published here 😉

My 12 eMonths

- I've read few articles published by Dida on my friends mobile
- decided to create account here so I could continue to read 🙂
- My 1st official role was MoI eBiH
- Alioth included me to eCro MoFA team
- I started to share what I know and have and become eCro vMoE, then MoE
- Formed Flying Rabbits MU to take care of eBabies (thank you, Dream, for your help and support with new MU!)
- Organised transfer to Elite MU (thank you, Ikki, this was my eDream, Elite Air MU in eCroatia! And for all your help!)
- Party President (thanks to you all who supported me, I know now how is to be PP as well 😉 )
- wrote many messages, comments, shouts
- collection of the decorations got bigger 🙂
- medals so far also not bad 🙂 
22 FF, 12 HW, 10 CM, 62 BH, 216 SH, 75 RH, 118 SS, 4 MM, 53 TP and surprisingly 4 PH! 

And I grew in levels (166 atm) and ranks, much faster than I expecte😛

And have to say, I'm proud also of my decorations 🙂 specially eCro Air Slayer, when I was first in Cro with opponents defeated 🙂 That showed me much is possible also for new players 😉

Articles I wrote so far

Yup, we can say I was active in the eMedia field as well 😃

What's next?

I grew much more than I thought I would (GC in Air and Titan in ground - those ranks were my biggest surprise tbh), and I will continue working on that.. But I still have some goals to reach, where I need your help 🙂 So the best gift you can give me for my 1st eRep birthday is to help me with my next goal, Media Mogul Medal 😉 

Share my article, shout, subscribe if you already haven't 😉 

And I do feel bad each time I ask for help, but will again to those who maybe have extra tickets, food or cc - please remember me from time to time 😉 there are many mouths to eFeed and new incoming / returning almost every day 😉 Each help counts 🤗

I wish to all to enjoy this crazy eWorld, have much fun in the process and find parts of the game which interest you the most 😉

Samo jako!
Samo pozitivno!