Training Wars Additional Information

Day 4,376, 22:58 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
Safe Regions
Just so I am explicitly clear, District of Colombia and Washington (love u marcel) will always be safe from training wars. So put your companies there depending on your bonus needs.

Organized American Epics D1
Recently the sitting President of Pakistan seeing my glorious victory resigned his post and applied for American citizenship to share in the festivities. Sekigan and I go way back and it is my pleasure to have him join my administration. Two nights ago we organized a very successful D1 epic in Western Finland with American troops. Because of this great success I have directed Sekigan to start an America d1 epic every Tuesday morning, the day all Prestige Points reset, in the early hours. This is a great way to use your legend bonus to get some of that sweet CC from the true patriot medal.

Join us on Discord
Ask to join the #warplanning room.

The RW mystery
So you are sitting at work and you log into erepublik and you see this.

What is this? What are these numbers? The regions listed above, which are posted around midnight the day before, show all of the approved resistance wars planned for the day. Next to the region, you will see the time, the time is listed in eRepublik time. The time listed is when you can officially start the next resistance war.

If you are online at the time listed(see the erepublik header to check), you should move to that region by selecting the occupying nation and then the region, move there and help declare the RW. It cost 1,000 CC but you are rewarded with 5 gold if it is successful. The RWs listed in the official shout bar should (emphasis) all be successful.

Training Wars decoded
Next time you are wasting your food fight and not gunning for medals keep this in mind. You don't want to fight against American objectives.
Finland & Canada.
In these wars, we have the initiative. All Direct battles will be won by eUSA. All Resistance Wars will be won by Finland & Canada.
Albania, Argentina, Croatia, Chile, Greece, Turkey.
In these wars, they have the initiative. All Direct battles will be won by them. All Resistance Wars will be won by eUSA.

President of the eUnited States of America