The Truth About The London Resistance

Day 4,376, 15:14 Published in USA USA by TheePostman

Part of Bear Cavalry's mission is to stand up for those that cannot stand up on their own.

Some of the members of the Bear Cavalry stood up for the UK not because they wished to fight against our home nation but because we disagreed with the reasoning and morality of the policy being set forth by the president.

There had been no vote or even discussion in congress approving the action. CG dares to accuse SFP of leaking information when it is his own supporters that have leaked private congressional information over and over. He himself made announcements about his plans for London... It is foolish to think that others outside our country would not see that.

This was not an SFP action or even a full-on Bear Cav action. This was a small group that decided to stand up for what was right. Orders were not made, incentives were not given.

The fact that people are trying to punish us for actions that our own president has committed time and time again is sad. And not only that but an entire party is being vilified for his political gain.

If fighting for those that cannot fight for themselves is looked down upon by this community then I am disappointed. I guess the community I have grown to respect and love is not what I thought it was.

"A man dies when refuses to stand up for that which is right" - Martin Luther King Jr.

Ursa Fi.