[MoFa] Maps and Wars

Day 4,375, 00:35 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Buitenlandse Za

Dear citizens,

After the battlefront in the Iberia & Cuba region of the eWorld, new battlefronts opened up in another area of the eWorld, China. As we have been focusing on our new TW assignments for which we have opened up new TW with Latvia and gradually expanded to Lithuania. We did not take part in the campaigns in China but only observed.

From this map, it is not very confusing compared to the next map, but it shows the current situation of the area being dominated by CODE nations on the aftermath of the China campaign.

We then progressed back to the European theater of where the real action taking place. But before that, sadly our friends and former Orion member United Kingdom remains subjected to constant bullying that has been happening for a long time alongside continuation of forced TW's and sadly the results with it faced consequences of inactivity and loss of interests from the eUK player based.

We then come to the main area and the scene of the combat, the Balkan theater for which is the most confusing map of all. As you know our friends Portugal and Iran who regions are under occupation are presence here and apart from the friendly battles between Asteria, CODE have been targeting allies such as Cyprus coming from the North via Hungary, Greeks and Turks who are occupying Bulgaria and Macedonia in the South and Croatia in the South and West. Surrounding Asteria/Hydras Peru, Serbia, Romania, Italy and Lithuania.

We finally end our map update and wars with Latvia and Lithuania. As you know our presence in Latvia is purely for TW purpose but also enabling an additional TW with Lithuania who recently ended with Belgium. However, a recent air strike law has been passed by Albania who we expect that they will land in Lithuania. As we regard Lithuania being a major ally and friend to us we will provide help to prevent such AS on Lithuania.

Arcanic Mindje,
Minister of Foreign Affairs