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Day 4,373, 22:52 Published in Pakistan Indonesia by Izan Putra

Good Day

On behalf of eIndonesia poeple i want to congratulate Sekigan on his winning the eIran Country President election this month and also good luck for his entire Cabinet this month to do their work that they may have been planned before/

Let me introduce my self first before we continue the article there is a saying in Indonesia if it translated to english it will be “ If you not knowing someone then you cannot love”. I’m Izan Putra from eIndonesia MoFA office and this month i’m the vMoFA of eIndonesia.

For this month our main focus is still the same as before we will maintain neutral not taking sides on the two big Alliances that exist now, because we have friend in those two alliance but we always open to talk with anyone.

Last month we try to host U-17 or U-20 FIFA WORLD CUP in Indonesia and finally we have the good news. We will hosting the U-20 FIFA WORLD CUP on 2021 and we also hope to do some great work for that and maybe take the best place we can achieve. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU

The November 10 in Indonesia always remember as The Hero’s Day, why?? Because there is some patriotic event on this day, there is a great battle in an effort to maintain our independence who just declared 2 month earlier. We fight hard to keep our land and sea stay in our hand and no one can take it from us. What about you guys is there any national event or historical event that always celebrate every years ?

Last on this article i also want to announce that i have plan to do some challenge for you guys, there will be some reward too for the winner. I try to make it simple and fun for you guys. Hopefully with this event we can continue to knowing each other not only in game but also in real life.

Well i think that’s all for now. Next time we will talk about other things in Indonesia and also about in game related.

See you in my next article