Training Wars

Day 4,373, 12:29 Published in USA USA by chickensguys
The Backdrop
The confusion about the war situation in eUSA is quite real. From in-game pms to conversations on discord it has become very clear to me that very few people understand what exactly is happening in the eUSA. Hopefully, we can change that.

The eUnited States of America is now a member of CODE. CODE is an alliance in-game and is arguably the strongest alliance in the game. CODE is not your conventional alliance; the member states work collectively towards selective goals. It very much is a bottom-up approach. In many ways, we are a confederation of nation-states.

While some nations offer their legions of Legend players, America lacks the resources for that. What we have that is unique to our experience are fifty-one regions, our fifty states, and Washington D.C. that allow us to have multiple training wars at once with our friends and allies. Most nations in the game do not have this capability.

So what’s a training war?
A training war is designed to benefit both sides. The way battles are structured is that each Battle Hero and Campaign Hero gets free gold. If you are a Legend a player at the top level- that’s Legend 20, you do almost four times more damage than a Titan *** player with same strength for your home country. This means Legend players can farm gold far more efficiently than any non-Legend player. Remember the Legion ranking only benefits you when you fight for your home country, so other strong foreign players will have a hard time snipping medals since their legend bonus will not apply.

Who cares about Legend
Today, MPPs are more or less worthless. Wars are won and lost based on your Legend ranking and the number of legends that you have. Even air is largely auxiliary but American airpower is decent. Allowing Legend players to farm gold so they can buy energy bars will keep us and our alliance members in CODE winning wars.

The Setup
Generally, the attacking nation will airstrike a predesignated region. Then they will attack another region. Two holding regions are recommended for training wars. If they only had one, our enemies could potentially support a resistance war or airstrike that region themselves and kick out our training war partner. Then the attacking nation will attack another province. After that is concluded the attacking nation will have 3 regions. Now eUSA would do a resistance war in one of the regions, win it. Then the attacking nation would attack that region again. On and on this goes as we farm gold.

Today several nations in CODE occupy our nation for the purpose of conducting training wars. We have active wars with:
Croatia, who occupy, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.
Turkey occupies, North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana.
Chile occupies, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
Greece occupies, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico
Argentina occupies West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.
Albania occupies Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire.
USA, occupies, from Canada, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and New Brunswick
USA, occupies, from Finland, Aland, Oulu and Western Finland.

These arrangements are generally true. However, sometimes resistance wars fail or CPs forget to declare and auto-attack a random region. But generally speaking, this is what is supposed to happen. Some of these nations also occupy home regions in the eUSA for protection. Such as Greece in Ohio, Turkey in Alaska, and Croatia in Oregon. Having our friends so close is to our benefit militarily as well. It allows us to have a rapid response to airstrikes by our enemies even if they attack the heartland of America.

Here is the map!

President of the eUnited States of America.