Impeach Me

Day 4,373, 04:13 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Otakemaru

I am dying of boredom. I have been here quite a long time and yearn to travel again. Pakistan should be in good hands with Greece and Turkey controlling the region in regards to Training War Farming. But that is all it is, useless farming.

I have four Legend Ranks in Pakistan, two in Japan, and one in the USA. I want to concentrate on these three countries since my home nation of Ireland turned into a crap bucket in Version 1 of eRepublik. I seek Legend Rank in the eUSA firstly. Once I get four there then I will travel to Japan and get four there.

If all goes well I will travel back to Pakistan for good, or the game will change drastically for the better mechanically speaking and I can return faster. Hostilian will be in charge of the Party soon as Party President.

TLDR: Impeach me Congress, even if the other runner up is inactive it will not matter much as our Training Wars are automated by foreigners. I'll be Bach.