1000 CH-medals and 10 000-BH-medals, a historic moment.

Day 4,364, 06:01 Published in Sweden Sweden by Swedish.

1000 x CH-medals
10 000 x BH-medals

A historic moment.

Also fun to be nr 1 in the world in Max Hit, again. I might have had the same position for a short while as first Field Marshal among top 4 strength players ‘a few‘ years ago but I think Rupetot beat me to it. Anyway.

Hope everyone takes advantage of the coming days with commercial offers from Plato. Since Plato is selling these packs on a day where we shall think of the dead ones it is also a clear statement from Plato that we shall all think of Dio since he is dead.

This is the time when snow starts fall in Sweden. This is the time when eSweden grows stronger.