Déjà Vu

Day 4,361, 03:19 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Otakemaru

Soldiers of Glorious Pakistan, I have come before you to ask for your vote in the next Country President Elections. I am running and November is generally a busy time with scheduled Black Friday and Game Anniversary events/discounts.

As of now we are having a Samhain Weekly Event. So get snacking but make sure you save most of your bars for this weekend when Top 6 Damage Dealers will be awarded Pumpkins to eat. Yum!

The Brotherhood has done its duty but I have decided that it is time to go back to our roots. So I have renamed the main Dioist Faction to Vento Aureo in time honored tradition. In heart we are the Stardust Crusaders, Theocratic Communists, whether the Game likes it or not.

I would like to mention that our current President Ahsan is having real life difficulties resulting from a death in the family. I have decided not to motion our members to Impeach but rather to regroup after this Novembers Presidential Elections. I would also like to mention that Rainy Sunday has moved on and taken Legend Rank in the Netherlands rather than make a stronger more independent Pakistan. Hopefully her e-Love Life is worth this faux pas.

I encourage citizens of the Holy Empire to take up arms in a Pakistani Military Unit of their choosing. The Imperial Knights of Dio are a band of brothers that are welcoming all Soldiers into their Ranks. The goals of its cadre are in line with those of the Stardust Crusaders and the advancement of Pakistani People in Za Warudo. One People, One Party, One Pakistan!

PS: This Training War nonsense is dumb and I will not discuss it.