Drunken Musings | eRepublik and the Stolen Millions

Day 4,361, 03:12 Published in Ireland Ireland by Rusty D

Greetings eIreland,

Whilst having a nice cold bevy, I was thinking about eRepublik and the promises we have been given... some of these promises are neither here nor there, like Perception, Aircraft Factories and so on, these promises don't really alter the game and individual players.

But one thing which could help the game grow and the players in it, is the "Residence" aspect of it:

Now if we look at the above image, we can see the plans Plato/eRepublik had for this "Residence" thing. The idea of individual Mayors, City Councilors and budgets for them. Currently Cork has 328,796 IEP saved up.... saved up, sitting there... collecting dust... just waiting for someone to be able to access it.

Now while we know Cork has 328,796 IEP hidden away, what else is hidden from eIreland :

- Cork : 328,796 IEP
- Dublin : 276,772 IEP
- Mayo : 417,325 IEP
- Shannon : 90,175 IEP
- Louth : 71,824 IEP
- Wexford : 164,367 IEP
- Northern Ireland : 57,395 IEP

- Total : 1,406,654 IEP

What Could We Do

Now what could we do with this 1,406,654 IEP cash that rightfully belongs to eIreland and it's citizens. This money could be used to help fund a new player support package, programs like the International (well in three countries) Air Improvement Program, Programs to help players develop skill sets in the country.

Plato, this money might not be much to some players, but if you count how many regions there is in this game, how many nations that might be struggling or those who are trying to develop this game for you. These funds could help out across the board.

Yes, we like the idea's and plans you have for the game, but until this aspect is rolled out, Please, let us nations decide what to do with this added funds.