IRP | Congress Elections and Upcoming CP Elections

Day 4,359, 04:03 Published in Ireland Ireland by Rusty D

Greeting eIreland,

As Party President of the Irish Republican Party, I would like to take a small bit of your time to talk to you about the most recent Congress Elections, as well as the upcoming CP Elections.

Congress Elections

The Irish Republican Party, fielded 8 candidates in the most recent congress elections:

These 8 players are well known to eIreland, as they all have been active, both in the field of battle, as well as the shout boxes. The Irish Republican Party was very happy to put them on our ticket to represent our parties interest, but most of all, represent eIreland's best interests. And well, when it came to voting, it looks like you, eIreland agreed.

The Irish Republican Party received just under 26% of the national vote, while it put us in second in the total voting pool, it enabled all of our candidates to be elected to represent you, the people of eIreland.

Now as you can see, the Irish Republican Party vote, will count for 26% of the Irish vote when it comes to pushing forward policies and idea's. While we do not control congress (no party does), In my opinion this is a good thing, as the Irish Republican Party is all for a good strong democratic country, where the peoples interests are put first, before anyone's personal agenda's.

But now it comes time for the more important election.... the CP Elections

CP Elections/

As Party President of the Irish Republican Party, I called upon my party member's to put their hand up if anyone was interested in giving the CP run a shot. We were lucky to have 4 people put their hands up... granted one, was more of a last choice if others couldn't run.

These four upstanding players were:

Better call Saul, a player who has been happy to write articles, use the inter-party shout box, as well as prove his mantel across a range of tasks since coming back into the game. Whilst he has only just gotten his first Congress Medal, what he lacks in medal's he makes up with drive and determination.

Obi Lan Kenobi, a player who is returning to Congress for his fourth time, a good hard fighting solider in the IA, as well as quiet achiever, not doing much on the public front, but getting in it all behind the scenes.

TO413, an old Irish fighter, 27 term congress veteran, IA Commander, VP of The Irish Republican Party, basically been there, done that and has the medals to show kinda guy.

Rusty D, well what could be said about this bloke...., No don't worry, my name was the fall back name. Whilst I would be happy to lead this country once again (it might be a bit quieter then the last time), I am a strong believer of getting new blood in, as long as they have experience behind them, showing and helping out.

So who did the Irish Republican Party put forward... well it was Winston Hope Smith, but alas, Winston "Last Hope for eIreland" Smith was unavailable to run. So after much deliberation and sleepless nights, the Irish Republican Party has decided to endorse TO413 to be our CP choice for this upcoming term.

This is not to put anything against the other runners, all which have the quality to make a good CP, but we would like to see them as apart of a cabinet first, so they can watch and learn the inner workings of the eIrish governmental system.

So eIreland, look towards the Irish Republican Party and put your faith in us to ensure the safety and security of eIreland into the coming future. We are a party that has always put eIreland first and foremost, and we will continue to do that.

Rusty D
Party President,
Irish Republican Party