International Proecto-cabinet

Day 4,354, 18:20 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by B0R1L
This cabinet is made today
This Article is 420
It will start only in my spam English!
And i will add some translations from my international friends


I have a few friends

I made the a international chat
Everybody who feels pro Asteria can be joined via @borilcho

I will use this chat as MoFa, cos now Dicty crew - Emre - Perin - Georgi Vasilev Don't like me! The present, the past, and the "future" dicties like some Christmas spirits i want to be CP on 5th of December! and 5th of November and 5th of January

I am Erepic! I returned to game 03.08 this year with only one avio medal and few ground medals
I had just one k1 for bread 52 gold for the change to my personality, my first nick was Boril Karastoyanov, but it was near ten years ago, so i needed new one, and 30k cc, so i stated from ground zero 0 houses and 124 work tickets, poor as Alladin , i was only titan - but not like RAGNAR! and a 300k- avio rank, now i have sone avio medals 50+ and better rank
I wanted to be only CP without dictatorships, but now i want them all, I will shot my goals! i am Pixel Lover!


so i will teach you the first steps
0 - yes its part of me but i see only 3 - zeroes and eBulgaria - Perin, dzunka and Imoen
They slowed me in the same chat so i will do some FAQ below, i don hide anything!
i have just 20mins left for this article and you will see the edits below the VIP place

0 - o - o7 o8 o# :rotocafe: oResharsky for 0nezi
1 - I
2 - Dzun
3 - special number
I want 3 months of dictatorship for my 10 years acc
Doc - Dicty - Dzun - 3d
DonBobolino - Don Mitko - Doaeni
4 - is the place ive got on my fist and last cp election
5-is the number of the beers and chibucite which i consumed for this article
5 are the parties allowed for elections
5 are the pinned msgs
5q is my ex girlfriend
5 is this spam and the 5 stars which i deserve for my 5 creative articles which were the last 5 articles in Bulgaria and were published for 5 hours
6 are my fans - one is male - 6 are the fans of my eWife, i want 69, like .69point in my strength today ,6 is my month of BD
9 months of home office at least
10 years acc
23 the number
29 years
42 the answer of everything
69 the other perspective
73 for my hardworker medals
300 for SPARTA!
420 for NEVERLAND! and for my motto
1000 for the likes of me
1024 for 2 na 10ta
1700 for my top rated article back than
11k = 11000+ = the number of the people i remember in eBulgaria
-Erepic B0R1L 420- i will edit below ... sry for the srt article

The Last one I invited for my

-еdit 2 FAQ till 530 My MoFa are JasmMINE, Akaga and Nofly
- edit 3 My MF is The Nutcracker
-еdit 4(20)