Canadian Gold Give-a-Way October 21th (eRep Day 4353)

Day 4,352, 22:58 Published in Canada Canada by Mr. A. Smith
Now get ready to win! NOW 55 GOLD
TIME TO PICK YOUR NUMBER, comment with your number below.

Canadian Gold Give-a-Way

Sorry the Gold Give-a-Way is only open to Canadian Citizens.

Gold Give-a-Way Daily drawings you could be a winner!

It is easy pick a lucky number from 1 to 169 before 20:00 eRep time, win numbers will be posted about 21:00 eRep time.

Hit your lucky number win the daily 5 gold prize or possibly more.
Only the first person to pick the correct lucky number will be awarded the gold. Duplicate lucky numbers will not be awarded so make sure you have not picked someone else’s lucky number.

If no one picks the correct lucky number the prize rolls over, to 10 and etc.

Remember open to Canadian citizens only.

Complete rules can be found here,

I am self funding the Gold Give-a-Way, no purchase necessary and I reserve the right to resolve any questions.

It's 23:00 hours do you know where your penguin is?