Solution for scripts?

Day 4,350, 03:45 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by goLdeNReborn

In last few days feed has been flooded by shouts about scripts of any kind. Blaming scripts for stealing your values, leaking information, abusing your pc etc. While we understand the use of scripts is at our personal risk, we all agree that scripts play important role in our eRepublik experience. With the big health regeneration we sometimes need assistance in emptying our energy pool.

So I was thinking, what if admins collaborate with one of the coders eRepublik has and develop a script that will work equally for everybody with admins being the owners of it, and ban all other scripts that are possible threat to their users, will that be a cool new update?

The eRepublik application outmatches every script in the fighting part, but we need some feature that will help us with discharging part of our energy when our energy pool is full.

Gains from creating such script:
-No third parties scripts will affect server's performance, which means CO can be brought back;
-Every player that sells premium scripts and in that way gains personal profit(same like selling cc on the black market) will be stopped;
-Safe and equal treatment for all users.

Write in the comments if you would like this to become reality and vote&share.
Also, share what scripts are you using and have you ever had any negative experience with it.