This is how you kill a community:

Day 4,349, 09:04 Published in Italy Italy by last_hero


1 - Denying citizenship to Italian players who would like to return to their country, based on personal preferences or on fear they will have different ideas (and hence will vote against). Luckily during dictatorship the congress has no say about new citizenship.

2 - Granting citizenship to foreigner "friendly" players, in order to increase the internal political weight.

New citizens that voted in the attempted TOs this month:

3 - Trying to TO the only 2 parties that are openly thinking in a different way. No different opinion should be allowed, therefore try to eliminate other people's fun.

4 - Respecting no rules. Have multiple players and wake them up only during the elections.

5 - Thinking that everything is allowed, only because of the money spent in game. However, not everything goes always as planned.





6 - Accusing other parties to be full of fakes. Even if these parties are not winning an election for months: how incredible to lose in this way!

7 - Remaining in the opposing party, trying for a new TO next month.
"But this allows us to celebrate: we are in a communist dictatorship! o9
edit: whilst writing this article the dictator returned to NIO, but we still have a communist CP!”

8 - Denying any possibility of growth to new eplayers. The use of multi, other than affecting the political landscape, also and above all affects the majority of new players, that are often looked at with suspect and therefore less likely to be helped by others.

9 - Being part of an alliance based on simple are true principles, but proudly breaking them all internally:

"Following the principles of friendship, brotherhood and moral values that are in the fabric of our nations, we form the Asteria, which will be the foundation of future cooperation among our great nations. Let Asteria not be run by the rules that are imposed, but by friendship, brotherhood, mutual trust and understanding. Each document that derives from these principles will only be the reminder of the fact that we live in civilized society."