Hello from Bulgaria :)))

Day 4,349, 08:46 Published in Brazil Bulgaria by DontPanicPls

Hello everyone 🙂

I am the new (maybe even the first) Ambassador of eBulgaria in eBrazil. I am honored by this and I will work to strengthen our relationship. I know that currently we are not in the same team, but I hope that one day we might be working together. Also, you have never been hitting against eBulgaria, which is appreciated. I am also MOFA of eBulgaria for this month and will be happy to have a chat with you. I have been hitting for your MAVs so I know a few of you - The Legend of JuliusEhNozes, King Dom Miguel O Vader, Bonna Maffia and others.

1. I will be creating telegram chat in which you can all join. We would be chatting there and maybe you can ask for hits even there who knows

2. I will be happy to have couple of interviews with some of you - CPs, MoFAs, tanks etc

3. I will be writing some articles in your country

4. Will be showing some facts about Bulgaria and the link between Bulgaria and Brazil

Some fun facts

1. I know you love football - This is Hristo Stoichkov

As you can see he won the Golden ball

2. Dilma Rusev

She is half Bulgarian (hope you don't hate her)

Next time there will be even more interesting things about Bulgaria