Bulgarian embassy in Washington D.C. open doors......

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Hello dear americans, I am new bulgarian ambassador in eUSA.

First sorry if my english is not good enough.

I know that our countries are in opposing camps. Before year bulgarians even occupy some of your regions....ok, i admit that was not so good, but lets not delve in the past. Now eBulgaria is part of Asteria. We were also under foreing occupation last month(from several members of CODE), but with the help of our allies we managed to liberate ourselves. Internally eBulgaria is divided between two major political camps - OPG and their opponents - AntiOPG. But OPG are more powerfull and we often joke that they control absolutely everything in eBulgaria...

But enought for eBulgaria for now. Lets take a look in some pictures from Bulgaria..
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Here is one of lakes in Rila mountain...

The Devil Bridge. He is really ottoman, but than explain the name 🙂

online pic upload

Some pictures from our precious Capital - Sofia

Sofia is also home of many monuments from period of communist rule. All four buildings from the picture are example of stalinist arhitecture style...

Lets look at some pictures from USA. You know your country far better than me, but ..

There is nothing in this world like the nature of Alaska. And fireweed - flower that eat fire..

Wild Texas....and Texas Burger.

Here is my favorite President of USA. Most people dont like him, but lets agree he is at least better than Trump.

And greater american writer...

Last, but not the least....

Hail eBulgaria.
Hail eUSA.
Hail Democracy and Freedom.

NoFly11 - Bulgarian ambassador in eUSA