Whoops, I'm Gonna Do It Again

Day 4,346, 12:17 Published in USA USA by shiloh13

Well here we are again. Another PP election is just a day away.

Once again I will be running for Chairperson of the Socialist Freedom Party and once again I will be seeking your vote. When I ran last term I had no desire to seek another term. I was hoping one of the current members of the RC would consider the gig and take a stab at it. We have some qualified active people who I think could do a decent job at it. But I guess that will have to wait for another time when they feel they are ready.

SFP will continue with it’s Supply Program run by Lil Jeep.
and the housing Program run by hoss1965. Last term there were some false accusations made by a couple of members against the Housing Program. Understand this. the Program is funded by hoss himself, that means his money. If these false accusations continue you will be removed from the Program for 30 days. Attacking people who put there time and money to help you out will not be tolerated. I suggest you get more active within the Party then do nothing except bitch and moan.

The Cabinet will remain the same.

VP hoss1965

Spokesperson hcmadman

Councillor Lil Jeep

Secretary General T.J. SCOTT

They have all done an excellent job this past term and I have full confidence they will maintain that level of commitment.
Once again the RC is open to any member that wants to get involved. So if you have a little bit of time then go for it.

Lastly it is quite frustrating to see SFP attacked in the National Feed by a rather useless, morally corrupt and basically self serving idiot child appointed to said position by our CP.
If this is the executive’s idea of bringing this community closer together they they are greatly mistaken.
SFP is a proud member of the eUS community and fully supports working for the betterment of our National community. Many times over the years SFP has put aside their own interests to help the greater National cause…ATO’s anybody? Yeah we were there.

I do not really understand attacking one of the Top 5 Parties just for the cheap laughs.
Oh well.

That’s all for now kids.
Oh yeah I could use 25 comments so I can end this silly Plato challenge.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Bye, Bye.