Who am I

Day 4,346, 02:13 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Willem Drees

Dear Citizens,

As you can see, the zeeuw has taken a new road.
But before I make known what my new name is, we will first play a game. called who is it.

Below this text you see ten photos and the name of famous or notorious Dutch politicians.

I will use this game to make my new personality known. But why would you join me, I hear you ask?

The person who first guesses what my new name will be will receive the amount of no less than 10 gold from my own pocket!

To make the game fun, there are a number of rules.
1: You can ask questions that can only be answered with yes or no
2: You may guess who it is once, then you are out of the game


1) Anton Mussert

2) Pieter jelle Troelstra

3) Hendrikus Colijn

4) Willem Drees

5) Wim kok

6) Jan peter Balkenende

7) Mark Rutte

8 ) Johan Rudolph Thorbecke

9) Ruud Lubbers

10) Joop De Uyl

May the best player win!

*Because I notice that everyone is going to gamble right away, I will only announce the winners after 24 hours after the article. if there are several winners, a second round will take place.