[Derp4PotUS] Rearrangement and Redistribution

Day 4,345, 21:11 Published in USA USA by Derphoof

So, we’ve got some things and stuff that have been going on in our country. So, I wanted to give some little updates and clear the air on some things.

If you were paying attention, you noticed and participated in our war in Cuba. That war is still not finished, as we have an NE law being passed against Cuba. THis war began to support our allies in Turkey. As Turkey was trying to make their way into Portugal, the Cubans stepped in to block the Turkish incursion. By putting themselves into the conflict, they made themselves a target for our war machine.

As such, Moldova also had regions in Cuba and we needed to take them out to block Cuban activity. So, we invaded Moldova, and took their regions. We now move to take Havana (ooo na na).

Just as well, our TW’s with our allies are being switched around a bit and the map is changing. Honestly, I’m still not used to handling and keeping track of so many RW’s and TW’s. I’m learning as I go. Goodness knows I’ve frustrated the Canadian CP (Exalted Druid, longtime bro) by simply forgetting we had a TW. First we wandered into Alberta, then the NW Territories. That messed up some people’s factories. I’ve promised him that I’ll be better and he’ll PM me to make sure I don’t screw up…

Our glorious former PotUS, zRTx, has assumed the de facto MoD role and has helped greatly to figure out our new TW map. So, we’re now in the process of moving everyone around to new states. Please watch the national feed for RW and TW schedules. Stef40 and Baby Groot have graciously volunteered to generate lists for you. If they don’t do that, yell at me so I can yell at them.

Here’s the new TW map, so you know what to expect:

Just as well, I’ve been focusing on my tax rebate idea and listening to some ideas in Congress. So, I’m going to stick with my original plan, but try to do everything on a daily basis. HerrVootsman was saying that his AARP program works well because players get daily instant feedback. While it may be taxing on those who run the program, a daily rebate may boost activity.

Some mentioned how it would be better to give more money to the newer players. This is certainly an honorable idea. I would let Congress debate how much to give to newer players. I will let Congress decide how to split such benefits. Just as well, I think I’ll cut back on the idea of bonuses in regards to battle medals. I think it would be best to start this on a trial basis and add things as we god, instead of trying a full rollout. A big rollout could be prone to failure and administrative distress. I’d hate for a program to fail because it was too much at one time.

So, here’s the plan:

- Spend 25% of daily revenue on rebates.
- Daily revenue will be calculated by an average of the last full week's total revenue.
- Rebates may be acquired by commenting under a designated post in the national feed.
- That 25% of daily revenue will be split evenly amongst the applicants, daily, during the trial period.
- The CBO will disburse the rebates daily, unless the Congress appoints someone else to do so.
1.) This ensures that rebates will continue across administrations and access to money is not a problem.
- After two weeks, a report will be made to the Congress. It shall include average daily participation and average daily disbursement.
- After the report, with Congressional Approval, the rebate will be increased to 50% of revenue. The trial period could also be extended.

So, that’s what the administration has been up to as of late. I know some people have voiced their frustration at my choice of shitposter-in-chief, CG. Honestly, I didn’t know one could be so upset over salad croutons and rice pudding. In any case, I gave him an in-game title for my own amusement. He’s not causing any harm right now, aside from making a few folks a bit salty.

That’s it for the first week of Derphoof. Have a good one, y’all.