Hello to eNetherlands from eBulgaria

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Hello Citizens of eNetherlands!

As a newly appointed ambassador in your country I would use this article to greet you and provide you with some facts about myself, Bulgaria, and eBulgaria.

Quickly a bit myself. I am currently living in the Netherlands within the Randstad area (I would not mention which city). I move to the Netherlands 5 years ago for my bachelor degree. After I graduated I have started working in Amsterdam in the energy sector. I could easily say that I love the way the country is structured and I enjoy every day in it. I have joined eRepublik recently but thanks to my fellow ecitizens I managed to get into it quickly.

Bulgaria is a country located in Southeast Europe. To the north it borders with Romania, south with Greece and Turkey, to the west with FYROM and Serbia, and to the east is the beautiful coast of the Black Sea. We part of the communist block and joined the EU in 2007, together with Romania. Currently, the population of the country is just above 7 million people with a total area of 110 993 square kilometers. The country is not rich but also not poor (something in the middle). Nevertheless, every Bulgarian is really proud of our beautiful nature. We also have amazing cuisine (a mellow mix of Balkan, Mediterranean, and Middle-Eastern dishes).

About the current situation in eBulgaria I would describe thoroughly in another article as this one became too long. Just to throw in an interesting fact. The Netherlands is one of the biggest foreign investors in Bulgaria as it is expected soon to become the biggest one. More and more Dutch companies are starting business in Bulgaria and the Dutch language is becoming more and more popular.

Please feel free to send me a message and add me as a friend.

Live long and prosper!

Many greetings from eBulgaria!