swiss news: im the swiss CP! plans+my cabinet.

Day 4,344, 11:48 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by chris jonadicus

Dear swiss people and friends, hello! i am once again the swiss country president, while i represented the legendary party SFP.

this is my third time as your CP, and coincidentally, im the 100th president of switzerland!

amazing, isnt it?

OK, so, like the previous times, i will always be a friendly and reasonable CP, and i will discuss any and all topics that you (the people+the congress) might suggest to me.

i will maintain low taxes (both work, food and weapon taxes will be low, and import taxes will remain at a reasonable level, unless asked otherwise).

also, my current plans include, amongst many things:

i will continue the initiative project for weaker/new swiss players with rican's help,

while i will also try to do something similar to help out players with the aviation skill
(new or weaker players that have an interest in becoming better in air fights)
(if the congress approves of an initiative to help our weaker/newer swiss players in the aviation field, so that switzerland can have a better/more prepared air force)

-on that note, i will try to resurrect our old MU, the ''swiss national army'' old MU, (SNA), which was later transformed into the ''swiss air force'', and it is currently listed in this link:

my purpose will be to reshape it as a national MU destined for the perfect aerial training of our players in air battles/aviation squads.

(just like the ''swiss guard'' is the perfect swiss MU for ground battles, i could shape up the ''swiss air force'' into its equivalent for air battles.

also, on other plans +ideas:

-i will preserve our current MPP's with our allies, and i will try to renew a MPP with Iran and with other countries as well.
(and i will also look out for new allies to meet)

-i will maintain our country in a safe and strong condition by keeping the taxes low and the laws organized.

also, my cabinet, as it stands, will be:

Prime Minister: Rican, (our greatest hero and my friend.)
Minister of Defense: thrakiwtis55, who did a good job as a MoD in his previous term.
Minister of Foreign Affairs: liakouris, whose work as our MoFa has been excellent in many occassions.
Minister of Education: tef1, who has been an incredible journalist and a great minister of education, and he has provided many great articles during the last 2 terms of our CP's. i am happy to see him do such an excellent job for the country in this position.
Governor: (minister of economy) h: Terry Benedictt
(he has been chosen after careful thought and evaluation, rican and other people trust him, so i will place my good faith in him too...)

also, i have completed the election of the new swiss citizenship committee, and i have placed tim buctu as its permanent administrator/chairman of the ''swiss citizenship committee'', for his great duty in the swiss matters.

as always, i will ask rican and my friends for govermental advice, so everything will be good+balanced for our good e-country.

lets keep e-switzerland safe, strong and organized!
lets stay united!
swiss here, swiss there, swiss everywhere!

chris jonadicus, swiss CP.