[Fmcv] - Company Upgrade: What should I do?

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Hello Dutch people!

The purpose of this article is to help explain the best way to upgrade your companies. I will try to clarify what should you do with food and weapon companies and on the first one I present 2 viable choices on your development as a companie manager, I will focus on production only through Work as Manager (WaM), since productions involving hiring workers are much more complicated to manage and sometimes don’t even give profit.


The first step is to be self-sufficient in food so we never have to invest in it anymore because obviously it only hurts our daily income of CC.
Which leads to the following question: Should I evolve food companies or create Q1’s companies until my goal is reached?
Both methods have their pros and cons.

Evolve Companie
Evolving companies has the advantage of making you pay less taxes and having more free FF to fight your way to commodore/Legend.
The great disadvantage is that you have to front load your gold on upgrades that can get very expensive

[ u] Example [/u]:
In my specific case, this is the method I use, this being my production:

In total I invested 1820 Gold not counting the raw factories.

Create only Q1 factories
The great thing about spam creating Q1 food companies is that it’s way cheaper to get the same method of production with the disadvantage being you pay way more taxes and spend more FF.

Example :
Again, based on my production:

In total I just had to invest 450 Gold .

The raw you spend opting for either method is the same so feel free to use what suits you better.

The “gain” you get from each method differs a lot the Q1 method lets you have return of investment short term the upgrade one makes you more on the long term.

Now that we've looked at the Food Factories, let's move on to Raw's.

First of all, never create a factory / upgrade without having the raw value needed for production as it will force you to go to the market and that is precisely what we want to avoid!

We must always create the best raw companies: Q4 or Q5. In this case, I recommend you look at the market price of gold and see which one pays the most:

Has we can see, Raw Q4 costs about 2x less than Q5 and the value of the raw made per gold spent it’s bigger so I recomend you getting Raw Q4 companies. (except if your going to maximize your daily FF then you should always go for Q5 raws)

This is my Food Production has you can see I make around 2600cc a day, or better saying I don’t spend CC on food and over time I can get a surplus I can sell.


If you want to invest on Weapon companies, a thing that I don’t recommend since it’s profit it’s all over the place ( in the summer the raw price went so low that it gave no profit working on Raw’s because of the work ta. The only piece of advice I can tell you it’s that you should only have Q5 raws and/or Q7 Weapon Companie (since it’s almost the only type of weapon people buy).


Since these companies don’t work with WaM, I will not include them in this article.


In November, eRepublik also discounts Black Friday and all that is. The companies gets a discount so the best advice is this: make the most of this day to invest in what you want / need!

PS: This article was made based on the values ​​practiced on October 11th, 2019 and without company upgrades through the black friday discount.

I hope it was helpful to you and I leave you one typical Portuguese dish the only and only Francesinha (little french girl)

Best regards.
Met vriendelijke groet 🙂