[MoF] Everyone a House! - October

Day 4,343, 03:14 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Economische Zak

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

we continue to support the housing program called Everyone a House! The eNetherlands will offer every eligible citizen an opportunity to receive a free Quality 1 House once a month!

The importance of houses is already very known to our citizen - but to remind you, we bring a brief summary. Long story short - houses will allow you to use your energy more efficiently - they increase both your maximum energy and energy recovery. And by activating them and using Overtime Points, you can work at your job more times a days, therefore collecting more salary. So having houses is generally worth it and you should use them at all times!

So, how to receive your subsidy? The current requirements are below:

1. You have been eNL citizen for at least 2 months and have reached Level 20.
2. You have been online for the last 25/30 days.
3. You have been using the Q1 Housing on your own.

And how do you apply? Simply - by commenting the article below. You also need to buy Q1 House and activate it, before you apply. Your application will be processed, and the necessary requirements will be checked to confirm you fulfill them. If you have a residency, we will check whether or not you activated your house; in case of not having a residency you will need to provide adequate proof (e.g. a screenshot) to Minister of Finance.

*Citizens, who have been found not using houses regularly during our random sample checks in last few months will receive no subsidy this month. Samples data are publicly accessible in Finance Sheet.
* The handing out of Subsidies will be noted down in the 'Finance Sheet'.
* Gifted amount of money is based on the price of a House on the worldwide market.

Minister of Finance

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