Tax Return for All Citizens - Feasible?

Day 4,340, 20:07 Published in USA USA by real.yout
"This is not a Zero Sum Game, but it ensures that every citizen gains the profit.
The long-desired zero work tax is best done with this Tax Return scheme,
" - real.yout

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Dear Friends,

This will be a short message.

This is related to the previous articles:
1. Proposal of Zero Work Tax,
2. Conclusions regarding tax redistribution.

From those articles, we can draw the conclusion regarding the necessity of tax return. People hate work tax.

However, the mechanism in this game requires our country to set at least 1% as the required work tax. In fact, this amount is what we have been implementing for a while.

On the other hand, our national treasury shows that we have more than enough for our reserved savings. We may not really need any more work taxes to fill it.

This time, I would propose a new concept of Tax Return to fulfill the desires of our citizens for the Zero Work Tax.

What I suggest can be simply summarized in the following five points.

Five Points of Tax Return Scheme

1. Gov't shall collect all the work taxes;
2. Gov't shall redistribute the average of monthly work taxes to all citizens of eUSA through Political Parties;
3. Political Parties have to disclose their reports regarding the redistribution of this tax return in their party news page every month;
4. Anyone inside or outside the Political Party who finds the administration problem or disputes that occur during this redistribution process should inform the issue to the public and Gov't before the next monthly tax return is given by Gov't.
5. Those who by their own choices decide to not join the Political Party should register themselves to Gov't to receive their tax return.

On the other hand, we should maintain our national reserves and do not let it fall below the minimum required value to run our country. Therefore, we can easily determine the value of Tax Return based on the following formula:
if (national_reserves >= minimum_saving) { Tax_Return = Tax_Revenue ;}
else { Tax_Return = Tax_Revenue - minimum_saving + national_reserves; }

With this conditional scheme, we can maximize the Tax Return while maintaining our own treasury unharmed.

This is still a roughly designed concept for this Tax Return. I put a big hope in this program and I believe many of our citizens will receive benefits through this program.

I hope you can share your thoughts in the comment sections below to sharpen this idea. You are also widely welcome to express your disagreements.